On the website you will meet Assumpció Carrió, a Mallorcan architect passionate about sustainability, energy efficiency and the positive impact of architecture on quality of life. Her philosophy is based on adapting each project to the site and its particularities, to achieve a total integration between the building and its surroundings. On this website you will find information about her professional career and her most outstanding projects.


Assumpció Carrió is an enthusiast of landscape integration. Her architectural concern seeks symbiosis between the needs of her clients and the environment in which the projects are developed.

A work, as a whole, that respects the environment in order to make the most of the peculiarities and characteristics that make it up.

This is where the location, orientation, light, shadows and other elements of the idiosyncrasy of the site form part of the project to be undertaken.

Both the experience acquired in Barcelona and Helsinki, as well as the collaborations with other architects, have allowed Assumpció Carrió to have a broad constructive perspective, but always respectful and responsible with the place where it is developed; with a totally integrating mentality.

Each project starts from the landscape and site characteristics. Views, existing buildings and orientation are used to create new living spaces with attractive architecture.

Sustainability is a key element in new construction, which takes into account traditional Mediterranean architecture. The reinterpretation of traditional building materials and details are considered in the planning of future buildings.

Finally, the importance of lighting and shading design is emphasised from the very beginning of the project in order to achieve energy efficient architecture that blends in perfectly with its surroundings.