The architecture studio Assumpció Carrió is located in Pla de Sant Jordi, in one of the places where the most windmills in Mallorca are preserved. It’s not a coincidence.

It is in an area that it considers to preserve, in full, its rural essence, with great respect for the environment that makes it up.

The fact of being a native of Sant Jordi (municipality of Palma), and having grown up surrounded by water extraction windmills, has made Carrió a specialist totally passionate about the recovery of these architectural elements that are so emblematic of the Mallorcan countryside.

It is possible that his love for nature and the integration of construction into it, comes from here.

All the projects she develops, both outside and in urban environments, have as a common feature respect for the environment, concern for energy efficiency and the harmony of the project with the place where it is carried out.

Clear and sincere constructive values that seek the perfect and harmonious conjunction between project and environment.

Habitación arquitectura sostenible por Assumpció Carrió
Casa rústica con arquitectura interiorismo sostenible de Assumpció Carrió
Retrato de la arquitecta Assumpció Carrió Crespí

CV Assumpció Carrió

Graduated from the Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Barcelona (ETSAB) in 2002, Assumpció Carrió acquired the values and principles on which the centre is based: the concept of construction as a service to society as a whole, with a strong commitment to the sensibility of a public and quality space.

While studying in Barcelona, she was awarded an Erasmus Scholarship at the Helsinki University of Technology (1999). A unique opportunity to open up to other expectations and constructive and creative realities outside our borders and culture.

In 2004 she created her own architecture studio and collaborated with other professionals: Roldán & Berengué Architects, AdM Antoni de Moragas, Compta Architects, Maria Isabel Bennàssar and Jaume Carbonero, among others.

She has worked for the Directorate of Public Space Services of the Municipalities of the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona.

Throughout her career she has developed several private projects and for the public administration: Catalan Sports Council of Catalonia and Public Space and Equipment Service of the Barcelona Provincial Council.